There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you first turn on a new computer and begin to use your unspoiled machine. Except in very rare occasions, it’s one of the few times you can be virtually guaranteed that everything will work, that the software already installed on the hard disk won’t PCcrash and that you can get something useful done. Of course, this technological honeymoon never lasts terribly long, because you invariably install some new software, add new hardware, make some configuration changes or do something that—though it should work fine—eventually leads you down the slippery slope of seemingly inevitable PC problems.

Reformatting your hard drive can be helpful to remove personal information on your computer. Some viruses can be removed by reformatting the hard drive when anti-virus software can’t. In-fact some operating systems are better off being reformatted to ensure security and system performance.

I can reinstall any operating system you desire. From windows 95 to Windows Vista. Some Linux Installations as well although they are not recommended or the casual user.

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