Do I need service?

Symptoms of computers in need of repair:

  • Computer rebooting without warning
  • File is duplicated many times
  • Pop-ups advertising products or services
  • Your computer sends out messages advertising a product or service
  • Fake virus alerts
  • Files might be deleted
  • Missing dll file message on system boot up
  • Windows or programs taking a long time to load
  • Toolbars appearing on your internet or desktop
  • Security alert or virus scanner disabled
  • Windows does not boot up at all
  • Computer runs very slow
  • Computer freezes
  • You receive an out of memory error message
  • New programs cannot be installed or installs incorrectly
  • Programs that used to run, do not run anymore
  • Cannot run task manager or msconfig
  • Antivirus gives a virus alert message

When we tune up your Computer …

  • We ensure that you have a valid, up to date  Antivirus in good running order.
  • Install an updated, good running order spyware   protection program
  • make certain that your system has a firewall to help fight off hacking attempts
  • Install free software that helps your computer run fast and efficient.
  • The software removes any issues that are slowing down your computer.
  • Our expertise allows us to optimize your system, and our great customer service and training ensures that you are well equipped to operate your programs effectively.
  • Remove any potential dangerous programs and let you know of them and some alternatives.
  • Do our best to save any existing data from your system before servicing.

Choosing a Home Computer Service Provider tricky tech

If you can answer yes to any of these points then there is good reason to have your computer serviced. You will be given a quote if you wish as to the extent of the repair free of charge and no work will be done without prior approval. This is a no pressure transaction. Simply put; I tell you whats wrong and how much it will cost and you say yes or no. Give us a call today.


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