Do you have an old computer? Want to upgrade or replace the components / peripherals in your existing computer? Then ValuTech is ready to serve you.

Backed with years of considerable experience in the respective field, we provide a wide spectrum of computer upgrade and maintenance services for Home users and small business in CApe  Breton. We can help you with your installation and configuration! We have access to all leading vendors and as a result we can offer the highest quality parts for your computer upgrade. We can also custom build a computer to suit your specific needs.

At valutech, we offer upgrade services for all makes and models of PC brands. We have an excellent team of highly trained professionals who can help you with your entire PC related problems and upgrades.

With our on-site and off-site facility, we can upgrade or replace any of your computer parts such as mother board, CPU/processor, memory, sound card, modem, CDR or DVDR, hard drive, and RAM at any time. We can also provide expert services to deal with software upgrades.
Besides professional computer upgrade services, some other services that we make available at valutech includes virus detection and removal, data recovery and, PC networking, and PC protection service/security installation service.

To know more about our services and other areas of specialization such as computer repairs, networking, and data recovery service in London, please take some time to explore our website. If you have an urgent PC related problem or issue that need our immediate attention, contact us today .

Its not always easy to install new Computer Hardware. There are quite a many variables to deal with at times and the whole process can be quite daunting. Improper installation can damage the new part or damage the computer’s motherboard which will cripple the whole system. I can remove all the anxiety for you. Having built many systems and replaced / upgraded many more components, you can rest assure that we can do the work correctly the first time for a smoother experience. Maybe you want to install more memory, a new hard drive or add a second, maybe a new Video card, processor, fans or DVD drive; I can get it done. Its quite simple, just call today.
Do you have an old computer, but are hesitant to upgrade because you are afraid of losing your old data?  No worries!  We offer a data transfer service that can quickly and easily migrate your data from your old computer to your new one.


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