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Workgroup browsing Issues

Well, today for the first time I noticed and issue on one of my Ubuntu 12.04 Laptops. Don’t know how or why this issue is present but it needed looking into for sure since I have dedicated this year to learning more about networking in General. Its little issues like this that can irritate and create a backboard to more of an understanding about the whole communication thing from one computer to another.

The first symptom I noticed when tying to browse the network was a slow response to even bring up the workgroup icon in nautilus. Soon after, it would time out when trying to open it with an error¬†“Unable to mount location Failed to retrieve share list from server”. I appeared that the system was unable to browse in general and not just the workgroup network so I looked into Samba which is responsible for this and the solution I found and only took but a minute to fix was to edit the smb.conf file.

I use “Nano” for my editing so here is what the command look like:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Now scroll and look for the line ”¬†netbios name = WORKGROUP”

Under that Line I added the following line:

name resolve order = bcast host

then click ctrl and o

Click enter

click ctrl and x

Now restart the samba service wih this command:

sudo service smbd restart

Now the Workgroup opens quickly and browsing is quick and flawless.

Thats it, or atleast that was it for my case and I hope is is the end of your woes as you read this entry.


Keep safe

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