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Computers & Parts

Computers and related electronic equipment contain substances such as metals, glass, plastics and certain chemical compounds that are highly recoverable, recyclable and reusable. By recycling your old equipment in a responsible manner,

You can keep electronic products out of our landfills and help maximize the use of our natural resources. Recycling computers, laptops and electronics is very important for the environment. We have a desire to ensure all end of life computers are safely recycled.



We make it simple..Drop off your old Computers and/or parts and we will take care of the rest. Just that simple…

Donate Computer Hardware

We take all computer equipment, free of charge, working or not, in any condition.

Your old computer equipment goes directly into our volunteer programs. Whether its sum of parts or they are recycled or some of its parts become operational again as a donated computer to charity, we can make good use of old computer hardware lying around. If your equipment has to be recycled, we’ll do it as locally and sustainably as possible, in strict accordance with the Basel Convention.

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