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Same windows Updates over and over

Recently I worked on a troubled Windows 7 System. It was having an issue with Mocrosoft Net Framework updates constantly needing to update from Windows Update. After investigation it was found that after some were done, a system restore was done. This may have left some files damaged or missing, so in essence, some updates were needed but windows was always showing that it still needed it.

The Answer was to go to Control Panel / Programs and Features. Once there click on “View installed Updates“. This will produce a list of all the updates that have been installed from Windows Update. Click on one of the Net Framework updates at a time and click “Uninstall”. After all are done, re-click on them to remove the listing.


  1. Open Command Prompt by Start -> Run and type “cmd“
  2. On the Command Prompt, type “net stop wuauserv“. This is done so that you will terminate the windows automatic update service to allow us to delete the cache files
  3. Still on the Command Prompt, type “cd /d %windir%” or “cd\windows“
  4. Type “rd /s SoftwareDistribution“
  5. Thats it, the cache has been purged. Now we need to restart the windows automatic update service again. To do that, type “net start wuauserv“

Now go back to Windows Update, check for Updates and install once again.

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