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iPod Touch Tips list


1 Tap the Status Bar to Scroll to the Top
This tip was included in the original article but with addition some apps such as Instapaper let you return to where you were if you accidently tap the top.

Screenshot of whatever you’re viewing Wondering how we took the screenshots in this article? Maybe you want to take a screenshot of your high score to email a friend, either way this was the most commented tip people submitted in the last article. To capture your screen simply press the home and power button simultaneously.

Home Button Customization
This customisation was brough in, in one of the firmware updates. You can customize where your ipod takes you when you double press the home button. If your on the homescreen however and listening to music when you double tap it will bring up a music control overlay you can quickly pause your music and carry on.

Press Home Once
If you’re on the homescreen and press the home button once you’ll be taken to the search screen and vice versa.

Quick Reboot
If youre ipod freezes OR you installed an app that isn’t showing up then you might want to reboot your ipod, the quickest way to do this is is hold Home and Power button down for a few seconds until the screen goes off the Apple logo will soon appear again.

Caps Lock
Many people don’t like caps lock, but it’s still available on your iPod Touch if you so wish. You will have to enable it, though. “Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock” should do the trick. Then, just double-tap the shift key to type away in capitals.

Shift and Drag
It’s hard to explain, but once your learn this trick, it’s pretty fun to use. Instead of simply tapping Shift and then tapping your letter when you want the capital format, do this: tap and hold Shift then drag your finger to the letter you want to capitalize, and release. It’s a bit odd at first, but I think it’s probably slightly faster.

This trick is even better when you’re going for punctuation: just substitute Shift with the keyboard switcher key (123/ABC). The great thing with this is after inserting your punctuation, you’re back at the alphabet keyboard: definitely a time-saver.

Extra Characters
How would you type the doller symbol on your iPod? Or an inverted question mark? And what about letters with cedillas? To get these, and other special characters, tap and hold on the letter or symbol that closest represents the one you want. You’ll get a hidden menu that offers the extra characters. This also works with the .com button, offering a few other top-level domains.

Fullstop Shortcut
You probably know by now the shift-swipe trick but there is a faster way to enter a full stop. Simply double tap the space bar.


10 Quickly input alternate .com TLD’s
The .com button is handy for a lot of sites but what about when you’re visiting another site .co.uk/.org.net etc. Simply hold down the .com button for a couple of seconds and options with more domains will pop up the domain options will vary depending on your international keyboard settings.

11 Faster Browsing
Don’t type www and .com for Faster Browsing the ipod will assume you are visiting a .com and add this automagically for you.


12 Add a Website Shortcut to the Home Screen
We all have a few sites we visit regularly you can make them even quicker to access by adding shortcuts to your home screen to do this tap the + icon at the bottom of safari and select ‘Add to Home Screen’

13 Sir Scroll Alot
Occasionally you’ll want to scroll within a frame or textarea within a page. Scroll with just one finger and you’ll move the whole page. To solve the problem, use two fingers. Now you can move around inside your little box.

14 Save an Image
If you want to save an image from safari just tap and hold it and you’ll get the option to copy or save it into the photo gallery.

15 Rearrange iPod Icons
Within the iPod app, in the bottom toolbar, you have four options and the “More button”; not new information. But did you know that if you tap the edit button in the top left corner of the More menu, you can decide which options are on the toolbar?

Just drag one down to replace those currently there, and tap Done when you’re finished. This tip works for most apps that use this type of toolbar.
Double Press Home to Bring Up Music Controls

16 Music Control
While listening to a song If you press and hold down the Next and Previous Song buttons, you can skip through the song by a few seconds at a time.
Drag Your Finger Up and Down to Change the Scrub Speed

17 Scrubbing Speed
Drag the the progress bar to the spot you want. This works OK, but did you know you could control this scrubbing speed? For more precise control hold the progress bar and slide downwards. This will let you adjust the adjust the scrub speed – from Hi Speed to Fine.

18 Tap Instead of Swipe for skipping pages
In all apps that have the dots paginations: Safari, Weather, and the home screens etc. You can actually tap on these to the left or right of the active dot to switch pages/screens/images etc.

19 iPod Sleep Mode

You may like to listen to your ipod as you fall asleep but don’t want it to play all night, there’s an easy solution in the clock app select timer and change the “When Timer Ends” Option to sleep iPod.

20 Save Power
It’s no fun when your iPod Touch runs out of juice. There are several steps you can take to prolong your iPod until you get to a charger the simplest is turning features of that your not using but we will go into these with a more in depth post in the future.

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