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Published on September 3rd, 2015 | by caper4g


Windows 10 is now out for users that wish to upgrade for free. Now, I’m not going to talk about the problems that could be encountered on the hardware side of things. I’m going to focus on some of the features of Windows 10 that a normal user might not take the time to dig through and purge from their system. Personally, this has turned me off of Windows 10 entirely. The privacy holes just seem too large. That being said, I am not telling anyone not to download it, just to be aware of what’s going with the OS and make the decision to upgrade wisely. Here are some of the problems people have come across with Windows 10. Sources will be at the bottom.


Alrighty. So first off, as a Windows 7 or 8 user, you can still control what updates your little PC buddy gets. And, even if you installed them, you can always get rid of them. This is awesome. If it was Windows 10 you would have no control over your updates and would be considered “up the creek” at this point, but you aren’t! So, the updates that collect your data are named as follows:

1. KB3068708

2. KB3022345

3. KB3075249

4. KB3080149

These  collect your data at all levels on PC use, basically giving you Windows 10 levels of intrusiveness without having Windows 10. If you want their official Microsoft Descriptions, go here and learn man:


By downloading Windows 10, your agreed to their Service Agreement. Big whoop, I agree to that stuff all the time. I don’t even read it. But, it means you agreed to Microsoft collecting pretty much whatever data it wants from your system. By default, they sync things to their servers like WiFi names and passwords, your browser information, history, and settings, as well as any passwords for apps or websites. This is honestly stuff that Chrome or Firefox would do, but it could be taken as a violation of your privacy. Plus, those settings are on by default. They don’t even ask.

Want that garbage gone?

Go to this link and follow the steps : By the way, Cortana does all that nonsense too, in case they miss anything with the first go. Don’t use Cortana if you don’t want your dirty Bing searches being used by Microsoft.

MS creates a specific Advertising ID for each user on each device. This ID is used in conjunction with all those  Bing searches and websites you visited to allow Ad companies to give you personalized ads. Since I’d rather not have Ad Companies selling me stuff every time I log in, I’d want to disable that. There’s two things you can do.

1. Go to this link and opt out of personalized ads:

2. Go to this pathway and disable it in your settings: Setting menu > Privacy> general > Change privacy option

Or you can use a local account and get rid of logging in with your MS Account. I’d do all 3 to be safe. But I’m a poster on the Internet, not a cop.


Look, I get the idea behind this one. Every time one of your new friends come to your place, they ask for the WiFi password. It’s usually awkward. So avoid that all together by just letting anyone who has you as a friend on Facebook log into your WiFi without asking!!! This is what WiFi Sense does. By default. Look at your Friends List. Tell me that you want anyone near your WiFi without your permission. This one kinda sucks to get rid of. The first step is on your PC. Go to this path: Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings Disable everything. Blanket that stuff with “disables”. Good. This only stops things on your end, however. If you invite Fred over to your place and he hasn’t disabled his settings, then he can share your network information with all of his friends. Look at Fred’s Friend List. Do you want that? Do you? So, you’ll have to rename your network, adding “_optout” at the end. So, if your network’s name is “OhGodPleaseDon’tLookAtMyBingSearches”, change it to “OhGodPleaseDon’tLookAtMyBingSearches_optout”. Also make your network name smaller than that. If you add the “_optout”, this stops WiFi Sense from sharing your shit. You’re welcome.


Look, like I said before, I’m not fear mongering, or trying to get you to stop using Windows 10. If you want to, go for it. Treat yoself. Just be aware of what the OS is doing, and then find out how to get rid of things you don’t want. Maybe MS will get rid of these features in the first Service Pack, maybe they won’t. Just letting you know!


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